Help us provide them with their basics needs

Panthera Charitable Foundation (PCF) Was Established To Support Countries Which Have Been Affected By Natural Disasters.

Panthera Charitable Foundation (PCF) was founded by duo Martina & Chakyl Camal. Both born and raised in Africa, this Foundation is something that lies close to their hearts. Supported by a strong team of volunteers both locally and internationally PCF’s project in Mozambique continues to provide villages with the most essential and practical goods to restore normality, whilst keeping these clothes, shoes, books and other items out of landfills, which continue to contribute towards the impact of climate change.
We are a small team, but we make a big difference.
PCF is a registered not- for-profit organisation

Clean Water


Nutritious Meals


Clothing and Hygiene Goods


Farming Tools


School Materials

PCF was established to support countries which have been affected by natural disasters, by providing practical relief in terms of supplies such as clothing, shoes, dry goods in order to restore, normalise the day to day of those worst affected.
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